Monday, June 24, 2013

Creating A Sacred Space In Your Own Home

Lay out a rug or sheepskin and some sacred or meaningful objects when you are ready to meditate.

It seems so common now for most of us to live a life that is loaded with stress. However, it is unhealthy for anyone to hold on to stress. Kundalini Yoga is excellent for getting rid of stress, restoring health to the body and mind, keeping a person’s spirit strong and positive. Besides taking yoga classes, it is also important for us all to have a sacred space where we can relax and be ourselves; a space that can remind us to reach inside ourselves to find peace. Having a sacred space is a good way to remind those around you to respect and treasure our environment.
The home has always been considered a sacred space in many different cultures. Treating the home as a sacred space can do so much good for the mind and relationships as well. Here are some suggestions that can help you to create that sacred or meditative space in your home:  

-         Keep your home clean and clutter free. When the physical environment is cluttered, the mind can become cluttered as well.
-         Play uplifting, spiritual music or mantras around the home. Music with higher, divine vibration can alter the energy of the home, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.  Also, consider decorating the home with some beautiful and meaningful objects such as pictures of mandala, peacock feathers, crystals, things that can attract positive energy to your home.

An altar could be of a very simple design with a few objects.

-         If you have the room, create a space that is dedicated to meditation or just for you to relax. You can keep the design simple and decorate with a few meaningful objects or host a small altar. 
-         If you do not have the space, consider having a small rug or a sheepskin that you can unfold and spread out whenever you need to meditate. You can also prepare a box and fill it with some objects that remind you of your higher self. Whenever you are ready to meditate you can unroll the rug and arrange these objects around you. 
-         If you absolutely have no room to spare or the time to sit down and meditate, remember there is a sacred space inside all of us! Whenever you get stressed out, remember to breath deep and go inside yourself and find that peaceful space inside you. Inhale “Sat” exhale “Nam” (Sat Nam – truth is my identity), mentally hear the mantra in your breath as you go about doing your daily work. Even something as mundane as doing dishes or laundry can be potentially turned into a meditation. You can also play some mantra or something uplifting in the home as you work.  
-         Children also need sacred space. Here is an activity that both kids and adults can participate in to create a sacred environment. You can fill a box with beautiful stones, crystals, shells, feathers, things from nature that are kid friendly. Lay out a rug on the floor and invite kids to sit down and arrange these objects into mandala designs. Encourage them to be creative with these objects (check out how this blogger and her children made mandalas from flowers). You can teach kids to incorporate meditation into this activity. Chant something uplifting like a simple mantra (for example, “Sat Nam” – truth is my identity) or positive affirmations while creating the mandala. Whether a grown-up or a kid is doing this activity, remember to breath deep, relax, and have fun with it!  
Coloring mandala can help children to connect with the peace inside them.
-         Another good way to create sacred space for children and to introduce them to meditation is to let them color mandala. You can find free printable mandala designs online or buy mandala coloring books for your kids. Again, remind your kids to breathe and repeat positive affirmation as they color the mandala. Help your children to connect to that sacred, peaceful space that is in their souls. 
I hope these ideas will inspire everyone to create a sacred and meditative space in their own home. Do your best to find ways to create that space that will work for you and maintain that connection with your inner peace.  

You can create something simple and beautiful for your sacred space.

I have also created a simple mandala design for a candle holder. Print out the pattern below and follow this instruction to make this candle holder for your sacred space. Remember to set your paper orientation to landscape before printing. Sat nam!