Monday, July 22, 2013

Healing & Supporting the Back with Kundalini Yoga with Kewal Kaur (Cathie)

Kewal Kaur is back this month with another special Tuesday night event! Tomorrow, July 23, 2013, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Yoga Phoenix, join Kewal Kaur to learn Kundalini Yoga for healing and supporting the back. Students will learn how to stay strong in their practice, ways to avoid injury, and keeping the energy moving.
Don't miss out this opportunity to learn from a wonderful and highly experienced teacher! 

About Kewal Kaur:
Kewal Kaur (Cathie) is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and graduated from the Kundalini Teachers Training Program at Yoga Phoenix. Kewal has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since she was 15. She is a very experienced teacher, especially with teaching children and seniors. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Full Hour Chakra Gong Healing with Jaap Kaur (Kitty)

This Saturday, July 20, 2013, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Yoga Phoenix, join Jaap Kaur for a full hour of Chakra Gong Healing. 

This event takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month. This month's theme is Creating Prosperity Consciousness

Allow Prosperity Consciousness by opening the heart and clearing the Mind and energy field inside and around your body with the Gong Meditation.  Utilize Kundalini Yoga techniques to move to the Neutral Mind; brief breath exercises to increase Prana (life force), charge your Arc line, and power up the navel to manifest.  Open the heart to Inhale Love and exhale Gratitude while the gong does the rest, making room for abundance in every situation.

Healthy treats served afterwards!

About Jaap Kaur:

Jaap Kaur trained at the Master's Touch and the Japji Courses with Yogi Bhajan in 2002 and 2003.

She completed the 5-module Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher training (500 hours cert) and is a Kundalini Yoga Associate Teacher Trainer, progressing toward Professional Trainer.

She is IKYTA certified yoga teacher for Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Alliance Certified

Jaap Kaur enjoys sharing her experiences of vibrating and living Yogi Bhajan's teachings to bring inner knowing and peace. She understands and relates the technical reasons behind the science of Kundalini Yoga to motivate students to see themselves doing everything perfectly--angles and triangles, mudras, meditations, breath, eyes, and relaxation.

Jaap Kaur's use of the gong progresses through the chakras for balancing and allows for deeper healing and integration during this meditative relaxation.

(New to gong meditation? Check out Harijiwan's website to read about the use of gong in Kundalini Yoga. Or just hop over to Yoga Phoenix and experience the amazing effect of gong for yourself!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Authentic Relationship: Level 2 Teacher Training at Yoga Phoenix, August 2013

Level 2 Certification as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher is a course for transformation and application in daily life. Expect intense study, fun, and personal growth. Commit yourself to this process and your life will be forever changed.

Level 2 Certification includes five modules, 60 hours each, for a total of 300 hours, including:
  • Conscious Communication
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Mind and Meditation
  • Vitality and Stress
  • Life Cycles and Life Styles
            Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1 is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 Program.
·         Upcoming 2013 Course Module
Authentic Relationships: August 23-25 and August 31-September 2.

Teaching Team
Our expert team of certified Kundalini Yoga Level 2 instructors has over 10 decades of combined Kundalini Yoga teaching experience. Lead trainers are:
Sevak Singh Khalsa and Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

$948 pre-paid by July 23 and after July 23 $1048.

Class size is limited to ensure personal attention and quality. Early registration is recommended to reserve your place. 
Click here to register now!

Information for Out of Town Students
For information on lodging, restaurants, and entertainment close to Yoga Phoenix, please see our
Guest Information.

What to Wear, What to Bring
Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and breathe in easily. Keep in mind that you will be doing quite a bit of meditation so you may want to wear or bring a head covering. Please bring a water bottle, a pen and notebook. You are welcome to bring snacks (though we ask that you not eat in the yoga rooms). You will need a blanket, sheepskin, and/or pillows to sit on. Some participants may wish to use a back-jack or other back support, as there is generally a lot of sitting.

For more information: Call (602) 271-4480 • email:

*Out of towners?  We will help you find a Phoenician to stay with, meet new 3HO friends.  Experience L2TT with a couple of Yogi Ji’s earliest dedicated students who participate in Training Academy evals and TTEC developments  --  Sevak Singh and Sangeet Kaur.  Both have done international training and have regular retreats, authoring books, some published, some in progress. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Yoga and Meditation for Prosperity with Ardas and Sadhana Kaur

Ardas Kaur and Sadhana Kaur are back at Yoga Phoenix for another exciting special event! 

Next Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, at Yoga Phoenix, join Ardas and Sadhana Kaur for a special evening of yoga and meditation for prosperity. 

This special event features a powerful kriya to open the heart center and deepen our experience to receive prosperity.  This is not only for individual prosperity, but for community prosperity- for setting an intention to manifest with ease appropriate centers for higher consciousness for teaching and healing.

The meditation is a 31-minute Guru Gaitri Mantra:  Har Har Har Har Gobinday for bringing in prosperity.  It is also a protective mantra for cleansing the subconscious and magnetic field, clearing blocks, and balancing the brain.

Also included in the event is an 11 minute Gong Meditation.
Please join us for this important Prosperity Intention for yourself and for our yoga community!

"This mantra is to fix the mental to prosperity or power. It will produce money, it will come. Opportunities will come. Richness will come..." - Yogi Bhajan

The Crocodile and the Priest: A Story About Sadhana

Today I found this wonderful story about Sadhana for children from SikhNet. I think both children and adults will enjoy it. Most of all, it totally brings home the concept of Sadhana, and the reason why Sadhana is important to us all. 

Visit SikhNet, and enjoy the story!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Live Sadhana, July 13, 2013

Live Sadhana ~ this Saturday ~ July 13
At the Ashram
2302 N 9th Street

(PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP as you carefully go around the construction fencing to the usual 9th Street entrance)

3:40am Japji ~ Poetic and uplifting sound current of Guru Nanak’s  pre-dawn prayer (Please wear a head-cover)
4:00 Yoga to Elevate Your Day ~ with Adi Singh
4:35 Live-Music Meditations ~ with Rajbir Singh! (Read more below*)
5:45 Gurdwara Service ~ (Please wear a head-cover)

PLUS… Come one, come all – Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Longtime students:
6:45-7:45 Blissfully and carefully wander over to 2308 N. Richland for a Patio Potluck Breakfast
7:45-9:00 All-Teachers semi-annual meeting - Meditation, Sharing, Gong

Also Same Day:  Chakra workshop with Adi Singh, 6 hrs $60, with breaks and snacks.

*New Teacher Training Graduate, Rajbir Singh, will render his first (of many, we hope) presentation of live-music sadhana meditations.
More about Rajbir Singh -- 
Rajbir Singh's goal is to consciously breathe, dance and sing with the song of creation, the vibration of every piece of the universe seen and unseen ~ humbly combining the instruments of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, with guitar and voice. He is elated to have been given access to the profundity of learning and living Kundalini Yoga, and with devotion teaches to continue and expand the ecstasy of discovering the manifestation of the cosmos hidden within.                        
~Level 1 Kundalini Yoga certified                              ~Reiki I & II certified