Friday, September 26, 2014

Yoga Phoenix to Host White Tantric Yoga 2015 at the Phoenix Zoo!

Sat Nam yogis and yoginis! We are excited to announce that White Tantric Yoga in Phoenix, 2015 will be held at the Phoenix Zoo! Start planning now and register early to reserve your spot in this powerful, all day, Kundalini Yoga meditation workshop. See below for details:

White Tantric Yoga, Phoenix, January 31, 2015. 
Yoga Phoenix hosting at:
Phoenix Zoo, Stone House Pavilion
455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008
(2 miles North of 202 and Priest & 1 mile East of 202 and Van Buren; just North of Van Buren on Galvin Parkway)
- Sign-in: 7am
- Warm-ups: 8am
- White Tantric Yoga: 9am-6pm
Vegetarian lunch included

Cost: $140 per person PREPAID by January 20, 2015.
After January 20: $160
Seniors (over 65 years old) and full time student: $86
After January 20: $106 (seniors and students)
(Seniors and students, please come sign-up in person at Yoga Phoenix with your ID card every Tuesday, between 5pm-5:30pm. Call Yoga Phoenix at 602-271-4480 for assistance or email Haritej Kaur: 

Register online: under January 31, 2015 Workshop
Or stop by Yoga Phoenix, 2308 N Richland St, Phoenix AZ 85006. 602-271-4480. 

Have questions about White Tantric Yoga? Feel free to send your questions to our coordinator, Haritej Kaur: 

We also have seva (self-less service) opportunities for White Tantric Yoga: donation of snacks (fruits) and yogi tea; volunteers for preparing the snacks and tea; setting up and taking down equipment on day of White Tantric Yoga...etc. Have the desire to serve our wonderful yogic community and burn off some Karma? Again, feel free to send an email to Haritej Kaur.

See you all at the Phoenix Zoo on January 31, 2015! Sat Nam! 

Click here to download the mantra sheet for this White Tantric Yoga course. 

The chanting of the Guru Ram Das mantra is to prepare ourselves for White Tantric Yoga. It also purifies the energy of the space (White Tantric Yoga, Phoenix, 2014)

Participants from as far as Hawaii attended White Tantric Yoga in Phoenix, 2014.
Participants all settling down, getting ready for the meditations (White Tantric Yoga, Phoenix, 2014)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Changes to Fall Class Schedule, 2014

Please note that we have made some changes to our Fall Class Schedule, 2014:

Please welcome our new teacher, Hari Jap Singh, who is now teaching every Monday, 5:30pm-6:45pm.
Hari Jap Singh now teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation every Monday at 5:30pm. 

Amar Atma Singh is teaching Kundalini Pranayam and Meditation every Wednesday, at 9am-10:15am. 
Amar Atma Singh teaches Kundalini Pranayam and Meditation every Wednesday morning.

Siri Awtar Singh is teaching 2 classes every Wednesday: Kundalini Yoga at Midday, 12pm-1:15pm, and Beginners Kundalini Yoga, 5:15pm-6:30pm 
Siri Awtar Singh now teaches 2 classes on every Wednesday.
Taranjeet Kaur is teaching every Saturday, 5pm-6pm.

To take a look at the Yoga Phoenix's complete Fall Class Schedule please visit

Friday, September 12, 2014

Winter Yoga Festival 2014

Mark your calendar and look forward to Yoga Phoenix's Winter Yoga Festival on Saturday, December 6, 2014. This year's festival theme is "Celebrating A Way Through Every Block". There are ways to overcome life's challenges and obstacles. Come to the festival and learn ways that you can help yourself to overcome these blocks in your life while maintaining your true self, good health, happiness, and peace.

We are offering many special events and workshops that are good for the souls. There is no entrance fee, no registration require. Just show up on the day of the event at 2308 N Richland St, and sign-up for the events/workshops that you like. 

Now let's take a look at the workshops and events we are having at the festival:

Master Teacher Workshops

Celestial Communication Workshop for Kids with Master Teachers, Bibi Bhani Kaur and Ram Das Kaur ($5)
10am - 11am
Celestial communication is a fun and easy way for children to learn to meditate and create peace in their hearts! 

Celestial communication is a type of meditation that combines singing/chanting with movements of the hands and upper body. 

"Celestial communication is our gift to the world. It relaxes the tense parts of the brain through the nerve connections of the tips of the fingers, activating the meridians...The tension of the neuro-pattern is relieved into a relaxed pattern of its own originality. It is a fantastic release. The brain comes out of its fatigue." - Yogi Bhajan 

Bibi Bhani Kaur and Ram Das Kaur have years of experience working with children. This will be a fun and uplifting workshop for children of all ages! 

Bibi Bhani Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a fantastic musician.

Ram Das Kaur is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a talented musician. Ram Das Kaur and Bibi Bhani Kaur will be co-teaching this special kids workshop at the festival. 

Bibi Bhani Kaur and Ram Das Kaur teaching the kids in last year's festival (2013)

12 Points Stress Relieve Massage ($15)
Master Teacher, Adi Singh
11am - 12pm
Yogi Bhajan taught this anti-stress massage technique in 1986. There are 12 specific nerve points on the human body to be massaged in sequence and will help one to release stress. Master teacher, Adi Singh will demonstrate where each point is located on the body and how to massage them for how long.  

Removing the Blocks to Love ($15)
Master Teacher, S. S. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
KRI Sr. Lead Trainer Levels 1 & 2
1:00pm - 2:30pm

The heart in its own wisdom always finds a way through every block, especially those in relationships. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa uses the Blessings Code (TM) numerology system to show you how to regain love and build stronger bonds.

Based on the teachings of Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, each of our 10 energy bodies can be un-blocked using our yogic techniques. Your personal numerology is a code and contains many keys to winning in relationships. Come find out how to use major keys in your code to best advantage!

Breaking Through The Blocks To "Prosperity" ($15)
Master Teacher, Jaap Kaur
KRI Licensing Lead Trainer Level 1 Teacher Training 

There is a Way through Every Block.  Welcome Prosperity through Chakra Balancing & Openness. Drop Self Limitations & Doubts, Balance and Synchronize with Universal Flow to Receive & Own Prosperity on all levels.

Better Health Through Balancing the Mind and Emotion ($15)
Master Teacher, Dr. Amar Kaur (Dr. Kathleen Rickard) 
4:00pm - 5:00pm 

What is health?  How can you make a difference?

How do emotions contribute to health?

How does the mind affect outcomes?
Take charge through sound, breath, and choosing the thoughts. 

Special End of Festival Event: Kundalini Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowls Experience with Amarjot Kaur and Satjeet Kaur (from Anahata Yoga, Sound, and Energy Healing)
6pm - 7pm
Amarjot Kaur and her collection of crystal singing bowls will be at the Winter Yoga Festival.

Join Amarjot Kaur and Satjeet Kaur for 1 hour of light Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, with an extended layout basking in the soothing and healing vibrations of the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls!

Please bring a blanket or mat to lay on as well as anything else you may need to be comfortable. 

About Anahata and crystal singing bowls:
ANAHATA Sound and Energy Healing is Greater Phoenix’s only Crystal Bowl Temple.  Our crystal singing bowls by Crystal Tones are made of the highest quality(99.992% pure!) quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant. The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, balancing & meditation.  

Healing Fair ($15 per session)
We are offering many different healing modalities for the body, mind, and spirit. 

"Total harmonious relaxation cures the body. To achieve this there must be a coordination between the three facets of ourselves: body, mind and soul."  - Yogi Bhajan


At the healing fair of the Winter Yoga Festival, visitors can get chair massage, hands and feet reflexology massage (see below). 

Volunteers from a local hospital will be at the festival to offer aromatherapy hand massage. Come enjoy the service they have to offer. Relax and rejuvenate your energy! 
Jaap Kaur, one of our master teachers, enjoying the aromatherapy hand massage (Winter Yoga Festival, 2013)

Hand and Foot Reflexology

"The feet express the heavens and the hands express the feet. If you want to adjust the psychic body, massage the feet. If you want to adjust the physical body, massage the hands." - Yogi Bhajan

A visitor enjoying the foot reflexology treatment (Winter Yoga Festival, 2013)
"Reflexology is based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all body parts. The physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques, result in stress reduction causing a physiological change in the body. Points of soreness or discomfort associated with the applied pressure to any zone may indicate a need for the concentration of pressure to the area over some period of time until soreness abates." -  from 


Amar Atma Singh has provided Yoga Phoenix his acupuncture service for years, and we will see him again at this year's Winter Yoga Festival. 

Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is a technique for balancing the flow of energy (life force, or chi) in the body by inserting needles into specific points along the meridians. 

Amar Atma Singh tells us more about Acupuncture: 

"There is a way through every block.

In Chinese Medicine, there's a saying: "When there's blockage there's disease, when there's no blockage there's no disease." Simple statement of profound implication. In Chinese Medicine and through Acupuncture we work to balance the flow of qi through the body. The Qi is life force energy, the same energy we tap into when we do breathing exercises like pranayam. It's a very sophisticated system of circulation. There are 12 organs and each organ has 2 channels that flow bilaterally through the body. They have branches that infuse into the deep tissue layers of our organs, bones, and muscles and innervate superficially through our skin, nerves, and vessels. Every area of our body is touched by this life force energy through these subtle flows called meridians. There's another message from our Chinese elders: "The blood is the mother of qi and qi is the governor of blood. Where qi moves, blood follows." Without blood tissues die. Circulation is imperative for our healing. But we haven't been able to quantifiably measure the flow of Qi through the body and the impact of blockages through these subtle energetic pathways. That's why we do yoga and that's why Acupuncture is so effective. It's a systematic science to heal the flow of these pathways, to correct the energy, to increase circulation, and to remove the blocks. Where the qi goes, just the same as where our awareness goes, that is where the energy will flow. The same could be said as where the qi doesn't go and where it is blocked is where the disease lies in our body, mind, and spirit. There's a way through every block and acupuncture is a graceful way to move through those blockages. Come join us for the Winter Yoga Festival where we will have acupuncture available to try. Come feel the increased flow of energy and relax to the experience of moving through our blocks."

Learn more about acupuncture at Amar Atma Singh's website, or just come meet him at the festival and give acupuncture a try! 

Sat Nam Rasayan
Come meet Guru Ardas Kaur at the Healing Fair and experience deep relaxation with Sat Nam Rasayan! 

Sat Nam Rasayan means "Deep Relaxation in the True Identity." It is an ancient healing art of pure meditative absorption in the Divine. Sat Nam Rasayan works on a subtle level through the projective meditation mind. Sat Nam Rasayan allows the healer to access and balance the five elements (air, earth, ether, fire, and water) and the pranic body.  

Reiki healing is natural, safe, and very relaxing.
Reiki is Universal life force. It is a simple, powerful, non-invasive and natural healing system that was developed in Japan. 

Reiki can heal the physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It can be used to treat any injury or illness. Reiki can also be used in conjunction with other treatments and help speed up recovery time. Reiki is also good for relaxation and releasing stress. 
Heart Forgiveness/Kinesiology
Let go of anger, heal your heart, and let love flows into your life again! Nam Kamal Kaur (Cathy) can help you using Heart Forgiveness Healing/Kinesiology. 

Using applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, you can readily see when you hold anger towards a person, that person is actually in control of your energy. It's about stopping the energy leaks caused by unforgiveness. What Heart Forgiveness does is move the process from the mind - into the heart - then into all parts of the body. This makes forgiveness instantly effective; and is measurable with muscle testing.

Soul Reading
Siri Awtar Singh will be at the festival this year to provide his Soul Reading service. Soul reading is done by looking into one's eyes, the doorways to the soul. 
Siri Awtar Singh offering explanation and yogic advice to a visitor after soul reading (Winter Yoga Festival, 2013)
Pet Reiki (Dogs Only)
Reiki is Universal life force. It is a simple, powerful, non-invasive and natural healing method that was developed in Japan. Reiki is not just for people; it can benefit our pets too. Reiki can help your pet to relax, heal (body, mind and spirit), and boost your pet’s health.

Our volunteers are trained Reiki healers and animal lovers, and they are ready to serve your pet’s needs at any time!

Just bring your pets to the back yard of  2308 N Richland St, Phoenix, AZ 85006.

Price: Love Donation (Suggested offering: $5) 

Our canine visitor gave its owner a kiss after pet Reiki (Winter Yoga Festival, 2013)

Stage Events
Come hang out with the good folks at Yoga Phoenix and enjoy some cool events such as Kundalini Yoga demonstrations, community meditation, breathwalk, double gong layout, and more. 

Double Gong Layout
Come lie down or sit in a meditative pose while you enjoy Rajpal's out of this world double gong performance. 

Take a look at this video of Rajpal playing her two gongs. Such rich and brilliant tone!

Gatka is a traditional Sikh martial art that originated from the north of India. Gatka is intended to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, just like Kundalini Yoga. As a matter of fact, martial arts and Kundalini Yoga fit very well together, both are essential practice for warriors and yogis/yoginis.

Join us at the festival and experience the expression of the invincible spirit through gatka!

Amar Atma Singh and Harimander Singh are both Kundalini Yoga teachers and gatka martial artists. They will be performing gatka at the festival. 

"Gatka, or Shakti Yoga as Yogi Bhajan sometimes called it, is a series of movement meditations, kirtan, martial arts and yoga exercises combined with a very sophisticated category of mantra to raise the spirit, strengthen the muscular and nervous systems, build the aura, and facilitate mental equilibrium"- from

More information on the festival coming soon. Please check back later for updates.

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