Monday, April 28, 2014

A Journey through the Chakras with Adi Singh

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, from 10:30am to 4:30pm, Yoga Phoenix is hosting a special all day workshop with Adi Singh--the Chakra Guru

Preregister by May 8th: $45
Register after May 8th: $60 

(Correction: This is not a fundraiser event. We apologize for the confusion) 

“In the midst of the great web of energies which make up this universe, each human being is a complex organism capable of interacting and communicating across the levels of energy in the world… The seeming separation we have from everything outside of us is balanced by the intimate unity we share with everything….Spiritual practices realize the connectedness and guide us to develop a relationship to all levels of our existence….Each of us can act in alignment with the greater field from which we originate and in which we live…..Or we can draw the veils closed and pretend that we are totally isolated and act only within the gross, lower dimensional, clear-cut rational and tangible world….

The Chakras or energy centers are central to the regulation of how tightly those veils are drawn….Opening and balancing the Chakras…( activate) the senses and integrate them into a responsive network that can relate to the larger source field of energy…The doors of the soul are opened as the Chakras are balanced and awakened with special techniques.” (Excerpts from The Aquarian Teacher by Yogi Bhajan pp. 188-189.)

We invite you to spend the day awakening and balancing these vortices of energy the Chakras. Over a period of 6 hours we will work on each of the individual Chakras with specific yoga sets and meditation that will enable us to experience the energy of each center and bring it into alignment. At the end of the day we will have the realization of what it is like to have all of our Chakras functioning in harmony with each other. From this experience of the Universal Flow we have the opportunity to embark and/or continue our journey on the path to Truth and Meaning in our lives.

Adi Singh Khalsa is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years. He has helped train Kundalini Yoga teachers in the concepts of the Chakras and has taught this Chakra Workshop many times over the past 10 years.

To register for this special workshop please visit this link.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gong Workshop with Sevak Singh

Yoga Phoenix is offering two gong workshops on Saturday, May 17, 2014. 
Morning session: 10:45am - 1:15pm 
Afternoon session: 1:30pm - 4:00pm 

(Note:If morning session does not fill, afternoon may move to join morning workshop)
Learn how to play the gong with master teacher Sevak Singh.

In this two hour course you will:

Learn the technology and technique of the gong, as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Receive personalized guidance and instruction on how to play the gong in two individual playing practicums

Explore different gong techniques to learn the experiential effects of various approaches

Each course is limited to 6 students to ensure personal instruction and guidance. Register early to reserve your spot!

$60 for either session, prepaid 2 weeks in advance, no refund. 
Want to bring your own gong--coordinate with Sevak

Limited slots, follow this link to register. You can email your questions to: Thank you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

May 2014: Special Events

Our body, mind, and soul need just as much care as our physical environment. Be sure to dedicate some time to cleanse and renew yourself! Check out the classes and events Yoga Phoenix is offering this May, find the ones that can help you reach your goals. 

Tuesday, May 6: Double Gong Healing with S. S. Sangeet and Hari Nam Singh

Sangeet and Hari Nam are a super fantastic gong masters team with decades of experience in healing and uplifting people's spirit through gong meditation and Kundalini Yoga. Under their guidance, participants will experience the powerful healing effect of the gong in a safe, kind, loving, and supportive environment!
Participants can relax to the sound of the gong in a safe, comfortable, and sacred space at Yoga Phoenix.

Tuesday, May 13: Creating Prosperity with Adi Singh
Everyone has the ability to uplift himself or herself, to lead a happy and prosperous life! Adi Singh has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years, he can teach you how to create prosperity in your life. This May, come learn to balance your chakras to awaken all of your dormant potential to experience prosperity in its fullest sense.

“People who indulge into the lower chakras will never reach the higher chakras. And people who are stuck in the higher chakras are called "spaced out". There has to be balance. In that balance you bounce in life with joy.” - Yogi Bhajan

Tuesday, May 20: TBD

Saturday, May 24: Full Hour Chakra Gong Healing with Jaap Kaur

Gong will help clear out any stress from body, mind, & spirit, & align chakras so we can build our energy strong and connected to flow with ease! Nothing slows us down or holds us back! Peace, balance, and harmony to enjoy our life! Do little powerful breath and movement to get your energy flowing; then relax and let the Gong do the work for you! Effortlessly benefit from the gong. Manifest prosperity on all levels.

The Gong Spirit Song

"The Gong is the spirit song.

It is the primal whisper of the soul.

It's sounds is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds.

Listen with outer and inner ears.

Feel its pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses.

You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened.

The ancients sought this experience on the tops of mountains and at the sacred places.

The voice of God would thunder in, spectacular strokes of lightning.

The clap of thunder - Bang! Shatter! Roll! Echo! - stopped all thought, stripped away pretense, shook loose the deepest fears, and rejuvenated the nervous system.

It created strength, peace and healing.

The Gong is that sound. It is the flash of inner light.

The mallet is the will of the infinite, the gong, the creation, and the sound is the spirit song, the heartbeat of the soul." - Yogi Bhajan

Tuesday, May27: Awareness Through Movement from the Feldenkrais Method with Erin 
Come join Erin for more lessons from the Feldenkrais Method, which include breathing, moving through space, skeletal organization, differentiating, weight bearing, balance, and a general investigation of relationships within you. Students of all level are welcome! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sat Song Live in Concert - Enchanting Evening of Sacred Chants

Coming in May, Yoga Phoenix is hosting a wonderful concert by two soulful artists: Dustin Latimer and Jennifer Hoeprich. Together they are Sat Song. 

Please join Sat Song on Saturday, May 10, 2014, from 7pm to 9pm for an enchanting evening of sacred chants. Come vibrate the heavens! 

Register now: $20 (Follow this link to register)

(Please log into your Yoga Phoenix account and select "Concerts" from the menu located at the very top of the screen. If you have trouble registering, please contact Haritej Kaur:

Pay on the day of the concert: $25

Yoga Phoenix is located at: 2308 N Richaland St, Phoenix AZ, 85006 (Oak St. and Richland St.) 

Parking is available on the streets.  

About Sat Song

Dustin Latimer is an artisan of reverent expression, blending mantra, movement, meditation, and soulful harmonies to weave a prayer blanket of devotional energy upon which to ground and center. Dustin uses his hands and heart to make his harmonium sing its sweet melodies to the Divine. He is certified in Hatha Yoga and formally trained in Kriya Yoga. 

Jennifer Hoeprich is a beloved soul walking upon this path of life with reverence. Uplifting, abundant, devotional, and loving, she is one who sees beauty in everything. Jennifer blesses us with her fervor of devotional song flowing from her fingers and lips. A devout yogi practicing multiple forms of kundalini, hatha, sacred dance, and bhakti, she sees the unification that is Yoga in all streams of practice.