Monday, September 28, 2015

Honoring the Master Within: A Naad Yoga Workshop & Kirtan Concert with Gurunam Singh

We are very excited to host Gurunam Singh at Yoga Phoenix this October! 

If you enjoy chanting and Gurunam's music, be sure to join Gurunam Singh on Sunday, October 18 for his workshop and concert: 

"We will use meditation, prayer and chanting to experience the spiritual mastery and grace that always surrounds us and lives within us! Through Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound, we will connect to the master within to access subtle sight, intuition and the ability to flow with creation. Come for a memorable evening of harmony, grace and bliss"

For those who do not know who Gurunam Singh is or have not heard of his music, we have collected some videos below for you. Enjoy the wonderful music by Gurunam Singh and come experience the incredible energy at his live performance at Yoga Phoenix this October! 

(Follow this link to read more about Gurunam Singh. To register for Gurunam's workshop and concert please visit Yoga Phoenix's website)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Winter Yoga Festival 2015

Winter Yoga Festival 2015
by Yoga Phoenix
Saturday, December 5, 2015
9 am - 5 pm
2308 N Richland St, Phoenix AZ, 85006
(behind the Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram)

Free Yoga Classes at 9 am & 5:15 pm
Healing Fair begins at 10 am

Update: We are also hosting a food drive at the festival, working with Caring Coalition in providing healthy, nutritious food for those in need, especially school children. Please bring a non-perishable food item to the festival. Follow this link to find out what kind of food items are accepted (we also accept donation of new, unwrapped toys).

Update (10/29/2015): Vegetarian lunch and snacks will be available for purchase this year at the festival. 

Update (11/2/2015): There is a change to one of our free yoga classes. Afternoon class now starts at 5:15 pm

Update (11/2/2015): Full schedule is now available online. See our schedule here. You can also register early for workshops, healing sessions, and lunch at our website. Sign up early and save!   

The most courageous, and pious act of a human is to be with another human, because we are like stars in the sky, born at one time and space, to be ourselves. Everybody is our neighbor. All we have to do is say, “I am with you.” When you start being one with everybody, then you are actually with God, because if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. – Yogi Bhajan

Please join us on Saturday, December 5, 2015 for our annual Winter Yoga Festival. This is an exciting day full of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, music, healing, learning, heart to heart connections, inspirations, community love, fun and joy! 

Come relax, learn something useful for yourself, enjoy the warmth of the community, and make some new friends!

This festival is opened to EVERYONE, with many events and activities (some are free, some require a small fee) for all to enjoy: 

-          Free community yoga classes (at 9 am & 5 pm)

-          Master teacher workshops on specific topics

-          Healing fair that offers many different healing modalities such as Reiki and acupuncture at low prices.

-          Reiki healing for dogs

-          Free gong relaxation

-          Free live music featuring musicians from our community

-          Free kids activities

-          Gatka demonstration and workshop

-          Retail booths from vendors

-          Silent Auction

-          New and Used Clothing Sale

-          Henna body art

-          And more!

Let's take a closer look at some of the offerings at the festival:

Master Teacher Workshops

Healing the Wounds of Connection with S.S. Sangeet Kaur

Release old fears and hurts from past experiences and rejoice in a new spirit of connection throughout all your "communities" -- family, work, social circles and of course your yoga/spiritual community. Sangeet combines helpful instruction, specific guided meditation techniques, mantra and gong therapy to produce a profound experience of calm and connectedness for all who attend.
Sangeet Kaur Khalsa is an international KRI-certified Senior Lead Teacher Trainer, the founder of Womanheart Retreats, a Master Counselor in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Reiki Master-Trainer for the past 26 years.

Healing Fair

Cranial Sacral Healing
A gentle form of massage therapy that focuses on unblocking the flow of spinal fluid, restoring balance to physical and emotional health.  
Reiki Healing for Dogs

Reiki is Universal life force. It is a simple, powerful, non-invasive and natural healing method that was developed in Japan. Reiki is safe for people and pets too. Reiki can help your pets to relax, heal (body, mind and spirit), boost their immune and nervous system, and aid in their overall well-being.
Daman Prakash Kaur, one of our Reiki healers, giving some Reiki love to a canine visitor (Winter Yoga Festival, 2014)
Free Events
Double Gong Relaxation with Rajpal Kaur 
“This is the first and the last instrument for the human mind; the human mind has no power before it. This is the only thing that supersedes the human mind, because this is the basic creative sound. Mind was created out of it; it’s like the father and mother together.” –Yogi Bhajan
Rajpal Kaur is an excellent gong player. Visitors in the last two festivals enjoyed her double gong performance tremendously.
Come relax in the courtyard, on your back or in a meditative pose, to the sound of two gongs, expertly played by Rajpal Kaur. 
Visitors enjoying the healing sound of the gong (Winter Yoga Festival, 2013)
Visitors are welcome to bring own yoga mat or blanket.

The Gatka team at the Winter Yoga Festival, 2013.
 Gatka is a traditional Sikh martial art that originated from nothern India. Many may not know this, Gatka and Kundalini Yoga are actually closely related to each other, some even describe both practices as "sisters". While Kundalini Yoga take us inside ourselves and experience what's within, Gatka allows us to experience what's outside. We may say that Gatka is "yang" and Kundalini Yoga is "yin". Together these two practices help us to develop our intuition, strength, energy, give us an experience of the Infinite, and many other benefits. 

Every year, the Gatka team gives an exciting performance at the festival. 
This year, visitors not only get to observe the Gatka performance by our team of martial artists, they will also get to learn some basic Gatka techniques from them.  

Kids Activities

Children worked together to create a fairy garden in the back yard of Yoga Phoenix. 
The wonderful fairy garden created by the children in last year's Winter Yoga Festival.

Many children visited last year's festival and they had a blast making crafts, practicing yoga, and gardening. 
This year we will continue to provide fun and engaging activities for children of all ages, for free! 

New and Used Clothing Sale
New to this year's festival is a clothing sale. Featuring new and gently used clothing that are mostly yoga-related or traditional Indian clothing. 

If you have clothing in these categories that you would like to donate to the sale (only new or gently used items), please bring them over to Yoga Phoenix (2308 N Richland St, Phoenix AZ, 85006).

So far we have a nice little collection of gorgeous outfits of high quality! Take a look at these beautiful clothes below:  

Elegant enough for a goddess!

Gorgeous green top with authentic, traditional Indian embroidery!

Another gorgeous piece with wonderful embroidery!

Plant Sale
A variety of seasonal, potted plants will be on sale at the festival. Come get some good looking, healthy plants for the holiday! 
More info on the festival coming soon. Please come back later to check for updates. 

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