Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kundalini Yoga and Art Connections

This is an amazing discovery in a recent session of Kundalini Yoga and Art Connections:

Meditation and art are useful tools that anyone can use to realize one's true self. Yogi Bhajan once said: "Without realizing who you are, happiness cannot come to you." Without control of the mind and emotions, we will not be able to see the truth inside each of us. The previous session of Kundalini Yoga and Art Connection proved that we have the ability to control how we think and feel, and realize our true self, just take a look at one student's art work:   

A student drew this picture before meditation. Using lines only, student expressed the emotion/energy she experienced at that moment. 

The same student drew this picture after 11 minutes of Kirtan Kriya. Compared to previous drawing, the energy shown here is less cluttered. There is more of a sense of order and structure, more calmness than before.
This is the final drawing by the same student, after practicing the Meditation To Bless Yourself. It is obvious from these drawings, the student's mental and emotional state improved tremendously after meditation.

What conclusion can we draw from this experience? 

The truth is, we always know who we really are deep down inside, but we let our mind and emotions distract us from this truth. Kundalini Yoga and meditation can help us to clear our mind and emotions, allowing us to see with clarity the truth inside us, and be truly happy, healthy, wholesome human being.

August 2014: Special Events

Each week Yoga Phoenix offers special events with specific and rare topics presented by experienced teachers. Don't miss this chance to learn something new and elevate your spirit! 

All special events take place from 7pm-8:30pm. Each event is $15. Students can register online or pay at the door on the day of the event. 

Tuesday, August 5: Double Gong Healing with S.S.Sangeet Kaur and Hari Nam Singh

Revitalize and strengthen your nervous system by relaxing to the sound of two gongs!

Experience the play of Shiva & Shakti energies with the husband & wife teaching team of Sangeet Kaur & Hari Nam Singh.

Sangeet will play Jupiter Gong and Hari Nam clears and releases blocks with Symphonic Gong.

Sangeet Kaur always talk about the energy of the month and advice students what to watch out for the month. 

Tuesday, August  12: Developing Intuition with Adi Singh
Adi Singh and students practicing the panther pose.

This is the last session of the Intuition series for this summer. Come learn more about the importance of intuition and various meditation, yogic exercises that can develop your intuition. 

In the previous session of Developing Intuition, Adi Singh led students through a chanting meditation with the mantra "Wahe Guru". The experience of this meditation was incredible! Take a look at the video above and feel the amazing energy from the group's meditation.

Saturday, August 16: Full Hour Chakra Gong Healing with Jaap Kaur 
Jaap Kaur playing the gong.

This August's chakra gong session will focus on: 
• Strengthening your nerves and calm the mind with the healing sound of the gong.

• Creating and holding a calm space so chaos cannot disturb you. 

Tuesday, August 19: Kundalini Yoga & Art Connections with Haritej Kaur

Go deeper into meditation, expand yourself into Infinity. Meditations will clear away the obstacles that keep us from embracing our divinity, and then you will be able to express your true, divine self through art without fear and doubt.    

Drawing paper and materials will be provided. Students are welcome to bring own supplies (dry medium only) such as charcoal, pastel, color pencils, drawing board, apron…etc, in addition to yoga gears. 

Follow this link to read about the previous session of Kundalini Yoga and Art Connections. 
Follow this link to look at Haritej's art works.

Tuesday, August 26:Awareness Through Movement from the Feldenkrais Method
Erin Finkelstein is back this August with more lessons from Awareness Through Movement. 

Are you aware of how you move your body? You can improve the functions of your body by improving your awareness and studying your own movement. Erin will show you how to have that connection between mind and body. 
Erin Finkelstein is a Feldenkrias ® Practitioner and professional clarinetist. After finishing her musical training and somatic education, she lived in Northern California pursuing a dual career as an orchestral musician, and as a Feldenkrais ® Awareness Through Movement teacher. 

Erin has worked with hundreds of college students, musicians, teachers and performers to increase body awareness and neuro-muscular organization. She enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds to help them fulfill their potential through group Awareness Through Movement lessons and private Functional Integration lessons. For more information about group or private classes in the Phoenix area, email Erin at