Thursday, August 13, 2015

Siri Singh Sahib's Birthday Celebration

Please join the Kundalini Yoga community in Phoenix on Wednesday, August 26, to celebrate the Siri Singh Sahib's (aka Yogi Bhajan) birthday. Every year we gather on this day to remember and honor our teacher by chanting 2 1/2 hours of Long Ek Ong Kar. 

This year our goal is to gather 60 people to meditate together! Yogi Bhajan once said that when 60 people meditate together in Phoenix, it will raise the energy to a higher level. Let's us all come together and meditate, and see how powerful we can be as ONE! 

Follow this link to read about this mantra and meditation (Long Ek Ong Kar).

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Personal Message from Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Nam Kamal Kaur

Sat Nam Ji, 

When I watched my first Kundalini Yoga video in 2011 in Tennessee, I heard the instructor comment about “her teacher” and wondered why I wasn’t exposed to a teacher like that and why I was in Nashville where there certainly (at the time) wasn’t any kundalini yoga offered anywhere. Fast forward to today and I realize why my destiny brought me to Phoenix -- predominately to have the teachers of a strong Kundalini Yoga community at my doorsteps! 

Since I completed Teacher Training in 2012, I committed to taking advantage of the Level 2 Trainings that are held here by our legacy teachers. How fortunate we all are to have been gifted with the benefit of our Teacher Training program. I don’t know about you, but along the way, I have wavered and stumbled on my path. It has mainly been by plugging back into the energies and the community, that I dusted myself off, got up again, and have kept on going. 

There is nothing quite like Level 1 Teacher Training with the frequency of the classes, exposure to new material, and a whole class to support us. I embrace the Level 2 Training because it provides the space and opportunity to delve further into the teachings and once again, be supported by a group. 

This year the Level 2 course is on Lifestyles and Life Cycles. This module provides us with tools to map out the stages and cycles of our life and provide the tools to help us through each stage and the insight of stages we have already passed through (there are particular challenges within the 25-40 year lifecycle). And, we’ll practice a powerful form of re-birthing appropriate to the patterns we’ve adopted in each part of our lifecycle so that we can renew our self-concept and let our true character be reflected and projected. We’ll also learn more about the five blue ethers! 

Even if it’s been years since your Level 1 class and you’ve never taken a Level 2 course, consider learning more about yourself and join me. The class runs two weekend: August 28-30 and September 5-7. Your soul will thank you! 

Nam Kamal Kaur 

Follow this link to register for Level 2 Teacher Training: Life Cycles and Lifestyles!