Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bright, Beautiful, Bountiful Human Being

Yogi Bhajan once said: "To be honest with you, I'm not interested in how bad you are. All I'm interested in is how good you can be. I see goodness and I want everybody to have it." 
What can we do to be good? How can we all become bright, beautiful, bountiful human beings? 
Here are a few suggestions:
1. Embrace your spiritual nature and connect with the Divine. One way to make that connection is to chant the Long Ek Ong Kar. 

You can follow this link for more information and to learn how to chant the Long Ek Ong Kar.
Chanting your favorite mantra will also help building a connection with the Divine.
Regarding the Long Ek Ong Kar, this is what Yogi Bhajan said:"All mantras are good, and are for awakening of the Divine. But this mantra is effective, and is the mantra for this time. So my lovely student, at the will of my Master I teach you the greatest Divine key. it has eight levers, and can open the lock of the time, which is also of the vibration of eight. Therefore, when this mantra is sung with the Neck Lock, at the point where prana and apana meet sushmuna, this vibration opens the lock, and thus one becomes one with the Divine."
2.  Perform Seva. Seva is selfless service, and it can come in different forms. Volunteering at the soup kitchen or in your own community, praying for others, sending reiki/healing energy to those in need...etc. These are all examples of seva, and some only require a little bit of our time in the day. So it is possible for us to perform seva anytime and anywhere! All that it takes is for us to focus on our intention. So take some time to pray, or in your own mind just send out good energy to all around you!
 For those who are interested, here is a story about seva
3. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Life is a gift, learn to appreciate everything that we experience. Every experience, whether it is good or bad, carries a lesson. Learn from every situation and be thankful for life's lessons. 
If you are looking for a meditation to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, 3HO has a good one on their website. Follow this link to learn the Attitude of Gratitude Meditation
4. Keep up with your daily sadhana practice! Kundalini Yoga gives us all that we need to be bright, beautiful, bountiful human beings:
“The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that if one set is done A to Z for plus or minus three minutes, it totally reinvigorates your whole system. It brings to you all energy and all balance to prana and apana. There are twenty-two forms of yoga and they all lead to one thing: raising the Kundalini. Purpose of raising the Kundalini is not that we start flying in the air and all those gimmicks. When the Kundalini is raised, a person is super alert to everything. One becomes an acknowledged human being in every field of life one touches.
It is for the householder. It allows us to marry and have children. You can take your life pressure absolutely nicely and still be young, beautiful, healthy, and able to keep going. That is the purpose…It is a very day to day, living experience. With all our mistakes and with all our weaknesses, still we can make ourselves healthy, happy, and holy. That is the purpose.”
                                                                                    - Yogi Bhajan

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