Thursday, August 21, 2014

Overcoming Cold Depression: Penetrating the Silence of the Soul with Navneet Kaur

Join Yoga Phoenix this September for a special workshop, sponsored by the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology.

Cold Depression is our single biggest challenge as we transition into the Aquarian Age. Chronic, Unrelenting Stress… It affects vitality of spirit and leads us to behave in ways we would not otherwise. Learn what Cold Depression is, how to identify it and exactly what you need to help your yoga students, clients and yourself overcome its effects. Regain your connection to your purpose, destiny and spirit! Learn to support yourself as together we move through this time of challenge and transition!

Navneet Kaur Khalsa

A clinical social worker for more than 30 years, and practitioner of yoga for more than 15 years, Navneet Kaur Khalsa is a KRI certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Navneet is working in conjunction with the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology to develop the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training Program launching in January 2015

Overcoming Cold Depression Workshop with Navneet Kaur

Date: Saturday, September 27, 2014
Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Location: 2308 N Richland St, Phoenix AZ, 85006
Register at (Workshops and Events section) or stop by Yoga Phoenix to register in person.  

"The worst thing happening right now is ‘cold depression.’ It is a state of mind in which you are depressed, but you are not aware of it. You want to destroy everything you touch, because you don’t feel anything responds to you. What we need in our society today is compassion. That gives the power to listen with strength and tolerance." –Yogi Bhajan, 10/17/2000

Follow this link to listen to Navneet Kaur talk about cold depression in a podcast. 


For those who would like to attend this workshop but are not able to, Yoga Phoenix is offering a short version of the workshop on Friday, September 26, 7pm-8:30pm, for $15. 
Register on Yoga Phoenix's website under Special Events section, or pay at the door. Cash, personal checks, credit cards accepted.

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