Monday, March 30, 2015

Music for Kundalini Yoga

Another element that is unique to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is the music.
The only kind of music that you will find in any Kundalini Yoga class is Kundalini Yoga music (music used by Yogi Bhajan, as well as other Kundalini mantras put to music, and new 3HO songs - from The Aquarian Teacher). 

Why do we only play Kundalini Yoga music? This is how Yogi Bhajan explained it:
“Kundalini Yoga is to create inner energy, not provoke outer energy. Music must be within a certain rhythm. Music that is more physical or mental than spiritual can stop the rhythm. Ours should be more spiritual. Commitment to self is not a joke. Commotional music is not required. If the music is not soothing, if it creates commotion, it is not allowed. A yoga class needs elevation, projection of the proper combination and permutation of words which push you through…..Kundalini Yoga is not a pop festival, nor is it a rock and roll concert. It has those subtle projections through which the person can go inward. When you are teaching, be with the purity of the essence as you have been taught.”

It is just like opening a locked door with the right key, all the Kundalini Yoga music and mantras that we play in class has the correct vibration that will help students to raise their energy properly, and create a safe and sacred passageway for one to reach inside to one’s self.

Rakhe Rakhanhar by Singh Kaur is a classic example of Kundalini Yoga music that has the correction vibration. Click on this video to experience the sun energy that is conveyed in Rakhe Rakhanhar. 

You can also visit Spirit Voyage to sample more Kundalini Yoga music. 

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