Monday, August 12, 2013

Aquarian Age Readiness with Adi Singh

Tomorrow evening, join Adi Singh for more Yogi Bhajan's teachings in this Aquarian Age Readiness series. In this event students will learn a meditation to Master the Power of Prana (life force). 

“One day, you will develop the psyche of the body through meditation, and you will start living in the electromagnetic field of Prakirti, the creation around us. You have to work on the universal electromagnetic field for it to energize you. When Purkha is in your self, you will be beauty, bounty, bliss, abd virtue. Once the Purkha is found in you, you will live by Prakirti. When nature and you become one, then you become divine. You become one.”--- Yogi Bhajan

“God is pure, but you do not exist in that purity. You have to cleanse your personal mind with meditation to develop a meditative mind. Everything which is, “about me, for me, and around me,” is nonsense. Because all this is not me—there is One who is All and I am a small part of that All. If you learn this, you will be rich, fantastic, all will be done for you—you will be sovereign. God gave you mastery. You have to learn it and prove it. As you master yourself, God loves you. God’s mastery shines through your shell, and the Master—God inside—is healthy, happy and holy. When you want to flow, flow humbly, like water. Co-exist. Live with the flow” --- Yogi Bhajan (7/20/2000)

Aquarian Age Readiness starts at 7pm, goes on until 8:30pm. We are located on 2308 N Richland St (cross streets are N Richland St. and Oak St.). Come beat the heat with us (our yoga space is fully air-conditioned, set to 77 degrees), and enrich your mind with the teachings of a master!

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