Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teacher and Student Support: Bound Lotus --- Stretch Yourself To Infinity with Haritej(Yun)

Next Tuesday (9/24/2013) at Yoga Phoenix, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, Haritej Kaur will be teaching a special Bound Lotus event (part 1 of 2 Bound Lotus events). 

In this event Haritej will be focusing on yogic stretches that opens the hips, shoulders and improve overall flexibility to help one safely practice Bound Lotus. Haritej will also demonstrates various modified Bound Lotus poses. 

Please bring your own pillow (small ones, for those who can't reach their heads to the ground yet) or a small rolled up towel, a yoga strap or a shawl/scarf.

Haritej has been teaching at Yoga Phoenix for over a year. She is a Bound Lotus enthusiast and has been practicing this kriya/meditation for over 500 days. Her goal is to reach 1000 days of Bound Lotus. Haritej is happy to share her experience of Bound Lotus with others and wishes to encourage everyone to give this powerful and healing kriya/meditation a try.

"When you practice Bound Lotus, it makes you strong like iron on the inside and radiant like the sun on the outside." --- Yogi Bhajan

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