Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Year with The Master: Wake Up to Your Destiny

This coming Tuesday, October 8, 2013, 7:00pm to 8:30 pm at Yoga Phoenix, join Adi Singh for Aquarian Age Readiness--A Year with the Master. 
 In this session Adi Singh is teaching a meditation To Wake Up to Your Destiny:  
“Your purity, piety, commitment, depth, compassion, love and grace are always being tested. You have to take care of yourself. Do you think you can cheat yourself and it will not cost you anything? Personal cracks cost more than social insults. Now is the time to wake up from your sleep, break open your cocoon and come out! Wake up to your destiny. Give yourself to the fact that you are beautiful, bright, bountiful and blissful. The future is waiting for you.

When I used to be captain of my team, I would tell them, “The moment you’ve got the ball, that very moment you have to pass it. Don’t start to dribble and play around. You might lose the ball and never get it back.”We must be conscious, we must practice, and open our eyes—open our third eye, to catch the moment, to run with it and reach the destination. Within the faculty of that one moment and action, you must consolidate what you have learned and find mastery within yourself. Let us salute the Lord—the most powerful, omnipotent Healer, the most Pure of the universe—as an identity and personality.” (Yogi Bhajan 10/05/2000)

Adi Singh has an eloquent way of explaining yogic concepts, it is always a pleasure to learn from this very experienced teacher. Don't miss out this opportunity! Come learn and grow yourself for the Aquarian Age and connect with other yogis! 

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