Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bound Lotus --- Bind Yourself to Infinity with Haritej Kaur

"When you practice Bound Lotus, it makes you strong like iron on the inside and radiant like the sun on the outside." --- Yogi Bhajan

Today Haritej Kaur talks about why she practices Bound Lotus and why others should practice Bound Lotus too: 

When I first discovered that Bound Lotus is a physically challenging meditation, I immediately wanted to give it a try. Sometimes I like to take on a challenge. Practicing Bound Lotus reminds me of the Chinese legend of the Monkey King who wreaked havoc in the heaven until Buddha trapped him under a mountain. I always feel that my mind is like the Monkey King who needs to be disciplined by the mountain that is the Bound Lotus meditation. 

I have been practicing Bound Lotus for over 500 days. It has taught me so much. When I bow my head to the ground with my eyes close, I feel like I have entered a realm where time and space do not exist. In this state I learn to let go of the past, my pain, anger, and grief. I learn to be still and just surrender myself to Infinity. Bound Lotus has also done wonders for my physical body. My allergy is getting better. I have more energy and the focus to tackle my everyday tasks. Bound Lotus has given me so much more than I expected, I absolutely love it! 

I want to encourage everyone to practice Bound Lotus because you’ll never know what you are capable of until you try it. Also, Bound Lotus is a very powerful meditation that not only heals it also bestows many other benefits to the practitioner. Yogi Bhajan once said: “The yogis who practiced this, thousands of years ago, lived to be over 120 years old without any illness or disease.” He also said that: “When a person masters Bound Lotus, like in Sat Nam Rasayan, their presence alone has the capacity to change another person and their environments.”  

So drop your fears and experience Bound Lotus for yourself. Challenge yourself; let yourself grow, physically, mentally and spiritually! 

My advice to those who wish to try Bound Lotus is: Stretch, stretch, and stretch! Start with modified Bound Lotus poses and work slowly toward the final posture. 

Next Tuesday, October 22, 2013, join Haritej Kaur from 7:00pm to 8:30pm for another Bound Lotus event.

In this event participants will practice pranayam (breathing exercise), yogic stretches, kriya, and 11 minutes of Bound Lotus (in either full posture or modified posture).

To support your experience please bring: Your own pillows (for those who can't reach their heads to the floor), a small rolled up towel, yoga strap or a shawl/scarf.

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