Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recommending The Sadhana Experience

by Love Mariposa

I am Love Mariposa.  I am an intern on the Resource Committee, which is planning to periodically release community newsletters.  I am sharing my perspective on how being a regular participant in Sadhana at Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram has affected my life.

Sadhana means a practice of self-discipline that allows one to express the Infinite within one’s self.  It is a time each day to notice the patterns that lead away from higher consciousness and to transcend those patterns.” (The Aquarian Teacher, KRI International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

Sadhana can be done alone. However, when practiced with others in the ambrosial hours (before sunrise) it develops group consciousness.  Although everyone may have a different vibration at the start of Sadhana, the energy created merges into a group aura.

This auric transformation aids the practitioner in making the step beyond ego-centeredness.”
(The Aquarian Teacher KRI International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

Getting up in the morning to do your sadhana does not mean you will become God.  No, getting up in the morning, you will become you!!Yogi Bhajan 6.27.93

I started attending Sadhana at Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram in May 2014.  I am grateful to a friend who invited me during a transitional time of my life - I had just been released from my job.  Sadhana was nothing like I expected. I imagined the Ashram filled with Yogis who have been doing Kundalini Yoga for many years. I thought participants had to stay the entire time from the beginning to the very end. In reality, there is a different leader each day of the week, usually there is several participants, however the amount varies. People come and go as they please. Sunday seems to draw a different turnout due to its later start and live-music meditations.

I prefer to do Sadhana at the Ashram rather than at home alone for several reasons.  One, it takes self-discipline and commitment to get up and get ready to be at the Ashram at 3:40am.  Two, I find it beneficial to have a teacher guide me through a kriya (yoga set), especially one I’ve never experienced before.  Three, doing Sadhana in the vibration of the Ashram and the group energy is motivating, powerful, and harmonious.

The results of attending Sadhana regularly have been tremendous! The self-discipline and commitment I’ve developed have rippled out into different areas of my life. I have experienced an expansion of consciousness. I continue to meet many beautiful souls in the community, and people tell me I have a genuine radiance which, of course, is not available in a makeup bottle. Also I have had the honor of leading Sadhana which was initially extremely healing and continues to be a beautiful blessing. 

When a person gets up in the morning and does the Sadhana, you know what accompanies that person? All the angels, all saints and sages come to listen. Their souls fly to those places to listen where God is chanted. Yogi Bhajan 10.4.77

Sadhana is scheduled from 3:40-6:15am Monday through Saturday, 4:30-6:40am on Sundays, and begins with the recitation of Japji (20-minute prayer), then a half-hour or so of Kundalini Yoga, and 62 minutes of the Aquarian Mantra Meditations. At 5:45 daily (except Sundays), a short gurdwara service (kirtan, prayers, daily blessing) completes the program.

Please contact me, Love Mariposa, with any questions, feedback or suggestions for future newsletter topics at  Thank you! 

In Love & Gratitude,
Miss Love ♥ Mariposa

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