Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sharing Teacher Training Experience

What does one gain from Level 1 Teacher Training? A group of graduates share their thoughts.

2012 Graduate:

Since young I was on the quest of understanding who I am and my relationship with this world. It is through the Level 1 Teacher Training program that I found my answers plus other benefits. The technology of Kundalini Yoga and the guidance of our trainers gave me invaluable tools that I need in life: the tools to connect with my true self and to maintain my true identity. No matter how challenging life becomes, I have the knowledge and wide array of tools to help me navigate through all the obstacles. I am so glad that I took this training! Whenever something arises and tries to disturb my peace, I always know what to do and how to steer myself back on the right track. Even after the training has ended, the program is still growing me. All the knowledge and experience I gained from training continues to educate and grow me as I continue my practice. To this day I feel that all that I have learned is still helping me to shed layers of “old” me (that do not define me), slowly allowing the light inside me to shine brighter!  

If you are the technical type and like to know how everything works, this training program will give you insights into the technology of Kundalini Yoga.  In teacher training we don’t always just sit around and study the principles of Kundalini Yoga, we also get to practice a lot of yoga. At the end of the training I became so much stronger (physically and mentally) and healthier. It is also a delight to be able to grow and learn with a group of friends. We started out as strangers, but at the end of the program we all became friends. Through this program we learn to open our hearts and accept each other, help each other to grow. 

Taking Level 1 Teacher Training is like opening a treasure box, you won’t know what is inside until you open it, and you will always walk away with amazing treasures that will serve you for the rest of your life! 

2013 Graduate:
 "Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Phoenix was life changing for me.  The program gave me a complete experience of the technology.  During the months of Teacher training, my life morphed into ease, peace and fluid rhythm.  I became expansion and learned to vibrate with a heightened more neutral awareness than I had known before.  

I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking to know their connection with the infinite and return home to their flow of eternal power.  I have learned how to interact with others from a place of grace, love and confidence.  I established deep relationships with other students in the class that I believe will be lifelong.  There is something about touching souls with profound understanding that is everlasting.  The material in the course is informative.   The teachers and community are supportive, easily approachable, heart centered and willing to serve you.  The environment of the course is uplifting.  I looked forward and cherished every weekend in the course.  

As a Level One Teacher of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, I am now privileged to share the technology to others through my classes. Thank you Yoga Phoenix for providing me with tools and continued support to evolve and support others on their path"

2014 Graduate:

"Having taken another teacher training elsewhere, and practiced other meditation traditions, I can report that Level 1 teacher training at Yoga Phoenix is a comprehensive program that has given me a strong, deeply rooted foundation to teach from.  Personally I have never previously been as committed to a daily practice as since taking the training, and have found incredible strength within myself.  I received tremendous support and wisdom from the trainers, mentors, and Yogi B's required reading. I cherish the time I spent in the program and wish I could redo it all over again, I give it my higher recommendation and hope that many continue to take the time to learn the powerful teachings of Kundalini Yoga."

2014 Graduate:

"Level 1 Teacher Training at Yoga Phoenix?  Absolutely!  The classes were conveniently scheduled and no time off required from work since the classes were held on Saturdays and Sundays.  The lead teacher was flexible and supportive.  She did everything to ensure each student got as much from the course as possible.  The variety of teachers in the program exposed me to different teaching styles and different points of view giving me a well-rounded view of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  I just wanted to understand the technology but I got a lot more."

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