Monday, December 1, 2014

Sharing White Tantric Yoga Experience: Amar Atma Singh Khalsa

Amar Atma Singh Khalsa is also a White Tantric Yoga enthusiast . He tells us the reasons: 

"I love White Tantric Yoga! Yogi Bhajan really gave us an amazing system to understand the body, mind, and soul and the wholeness of our being. We get such an integrative perspective of energetic physiology through the 10 bodies and White Tantric Yoga is an amazing piece of technology he left for us to heal. It works on all 10 bodies, and 8 chakras, and all aspects of being to bring what he says, “Renew to be new.” Of the 10 bodies, the most important piece for me is how White Tantric Yoga clears the subtle body, the 9th energy body. As a healer myself, it is very tough to heal. We search for healers, doctors, therapists, hypnotherapists, counselors and so on to clear out the misery in our life. Our pains and hurts and accidents all come from the nature of this subtle body. As healers, we are unsuccessful because you must transform your being and clear away the old patterns that trap you. I would love to do it for you, just as much as I would like someone to do it for me, but he said, this is a self-initiated path. How far and how deep you want to transform is up to you. 

Let’s break it down. This subtle body is container for our thoughts, feelings, and actions over all our lifetimes. Simply put, its our karma. It not only holds all the actions and thoughts we have but the habits, the perpetuation of the same thought patterns and actions, we have had over lifetimes. Those habits are like engravings on our soul. Have you ever heard the saying, Our life is determined by our passed actions? or You reap what you sow? These old sayings relate specifically to the subtle body. White Tantric Yoga shifts us at that deep of a level, in the old corners and shadows of our being so that we can renew to be new and live the life of infinity. In Japji, Guru Nanak says when you cleanse that deeply than a new color would appear that has never been seen before. (20th Pauri)

The subtle body can be a fog, creating misery and mystery to our life or it can be the avenue towards self mastery. We can react to life or we can respond to it. Either way, life is wishing to serve us because its a play of energetics of the subtle body wanting to cleanse. Like the old adage, we create our reality. It's true but in a more refined way, we can also shift our reality. The deeper we cleanse the more clarity we have to the profound nature of this infinite play. White Tantric Yoga deeply cleanses us at this most profound parts of our being and gives us a spring board to see ourselves beyond the fog and beyond the filters. With a steady habit of yoga and meditation in our life, we can melt those engraved habits, merge deeply with the sound current, and become our own alchemists transforming the lead of our life into gold. Thank God for Yogi Bhajan, he really left us with amazing tools to grow and heal. WaheGuru!" - Amar Atma Singh​

White Tantric Yoga, 2012 was also held at the Phoenix Zoo
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