Monday, September 28, 2015

Honoring the Master Within: A Naad Yoga Workshop & Kirtan Concert with Gurunam Singh

We are very excited to host Gurunam Singh at Yoga Phoenix this October! 

If you enjoy chanting and Gurunam's music, be sure to join Gurunam Singh on Sunday, October 18 for his workshop and concert: 

"We will use meditation, prayer and chanting to experience the spiritual mastery and grace that always surrounds us and lives within us! Through Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound, we will connect to the master within to access subtle sight, intuition and the ability to flow with creation. Come for a memorable evening of harmony, grace and bliss"

For those who do not know who Gurunam Singh is or have not heard of his music, we have collected some videos below for you. Enjoy the wonderful music by Gurunam Singh and come experience the incredible energy at his live performance at Yoga Phoenix this October! 

(Follow this link to read more about Gurunam Singh. To register for Gurunam's workshop and concert please visit Yoga Phoenix's website)

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