Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Live Concert - Ajeet Kaur At Yoga Phoenix

"You have to bounce in life with joy. Your strength lies in your smiles and your songs."- Yogi Bhajan  

This summer, come celebrate life, and "bounce" with Ajeet Kaur at Yoga Phoenix in this live concert, featuring Sukhmani Kaur Rayat & Ezra Landis. 

This concert will be held on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, 7-9pm, at 2308 N Richland St, Phoenix AZ 85006 (map).

Registration is open now on our website. Please select "Concerts" from the menu located on top of the screen. 

Register before the concert: $20 (preregistration ends Monday, June 16, at 10pm) 

Pay on the day of the concert at the door: $25

Artist Bio:

Ajeet Kaur is one of the newest additions to the Spirit Voyage family with her first album of meditation music, ‘Sacred Waters’ being released at Summer Solstice 2013. She was recently featured on Gurunam Singh’s album ‘Touch Every Heart’, and is beginning to travel the world to offer music and yoga. Inspired by beloved chant artists like Snatam Kaur and the musical and spiritual atmosphere of her upbringing, Ajeet began singing at a young age. Her love of music has lead her around the world to study traditional Indian and Irish music, along with other folk traditions and western musical styles. Along with music, the love of Ajeet’s life has been her study of healing with her teacher Guru Dev Singh. Now, just out of college, Ajeet blends the healing power of ancient mantras with a fresh and unique contemporary style.
Click on the video below to listen to Ajeet Kaur's "Gobinda" from her album, "Sacred Waters". 

More videos of Ajeet Kaur performing with Sukhmani Kaur Rayat and Ezra Landis at Sat Nam Fest East, 2013: 

 Ajeet Kaur singing "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo". 

 Ajeet Kaur singing "Jo To Prem". 

Want to listen to more samples of Ajeet Kaur's music? Follow this link to Ajeet Kaur's page on Spiritvoyage.

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