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Sharing Teacher Training Experience - 2015

Happy, radiant graduates from Level 1 Teacher Training of 2015

Back in the summer of 2015, a group of students graduated from our Level 1 Teacher Training program. It was evident at the graduation ceremony, how much these wonderful individuals have achieved in their training. From their shining, smiling, faces and their bright, bountiful energy, we know that their journey in the program was very fulfilling, full of tremendous growth and meaning for them. 

Deshjot Kaur (Leslie), one of the graduates, shares with us here her experience with the training:

Taking my Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Phoenix was truly a life changer for me.  If I had known how transformative it would be, I'd of put it on my bucket list.

I've been "dabbling" with Kundalini Yoga for years, but for me, it took the teacher training class to establish a solide personal practice.  I have gained a new appreciation and love for yoga as a result of this in depth training.  I've learned how to apply this technology for my own personal growth and to shift areas of my life that needed some "refurbishing".

The community that surrounds Yoga Phoenix is amazing.  It includes a spectrum of people who may be brand new to yoga all the way to those have followed this path for over 40 years  They gather frequently for pot lucks, social events, retreats, camping trips and community support.  It's all of this and more, that has made Yoga Phoenix such a great place to experience teacher training.

Because they are a non-profit they allow new graduates to offer classes at their studio.  Their focus in on supporting the student, not on making a profit. Their vision aligns with my life philosophy. They encourage us to use Yoga Phoenix as a launching pad, to create new classes with new themes.  The members come to our classes, offering support and encouragement as we teach.

I took the training because others told me of their wonderful experiences and the deep understanding of yoga to be gained.  I intended to use this knowledge to help me be a better yoga leader at the hospital where I work. I never intended to teach out in the community and yet here I am on fire for teaching, feeling so well trained and prepared that I am excited to share this technology with others. 

Being a part of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Class at Yoga Phoenix has been a huge blessing in my life.

Suzette, another graduate from 2015, also enjoyed her experience with teacher training:

“This was, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself, in my life! It changed my vibration, and I started healing from the core of my being. Becoming a teacher is secondary to the amazing personal spiritual growth. Now I teach cancer patients. The more I teach, the more I heal! I can only say – do not delay, do it now. You deserve it!”

Suzette (also known as Margareth) now teaches Kundalini Yoga in Sedona, AZ.

Many other past graduates shared their experience with teacher training with us, and you can read them here

Follow this link to our site to learn about our Level 1 Teacher Training program. You too can embark on this amazing journey for your own growth and fulfillment! 

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