Thursday, February 13, 2014

Benefits of Chanting

Chanting plays a huge role in Kundalini Yoga. Many who are not use to chanting may be intimidated or find it strange, but a lot of reaction takes place inside the body and mind during chanting, and cause all sorts of positive changes in us! 

There are a lot of benefits to chanting. Research from recent years have discovered that chanting can lead to the following results:
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Triggers self-healing in the body.
  • Blocks the release of stress hormone and increases immune function of the body.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Alleviates depression.
To learn more about the research and the results on chanting please follow this link.

Need more reason to start chanting? 2014 is a 7 year. 7 represents our aura, our ability to uplift ourselves and others through our voice. Chanting is a great way to expand our auric field, keeping us healthy and positive!

So don't be afraid to take a Kundalini Yoga class just because you are not used to chanting. There is no judgement or criticism in a Kundalini Yoga class. As a matter of fact, Kundalini Yoga classes are filled with peaceful, calming, supportive energy, and understanding.

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga and chanting, Beginners Kundalini Yoga class is a good place to start. For those who want to dive more into the experience of chanting, try Guru Simran Singh's Special Tuesday Series: Meditation and Mantra that takes place every 3rd Tuesday of the month. 

Go ahead, chant your heart out and enjoy the experience! 

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