Monday, February 24, 2014

40 Day Post White Tantric Meditation

This year at the end of White Tantric Yoga, Yogi Bhajan assigned us a 40 day meditation to keep up with the energy: 

Posture: Easy pose

Eyes: Eyes are closed and focused on the 3rd eye point.

Mudra: Interlace all fingers except the index fingers. Keep the index fingers together, pointed upward and straight.

Breath: Long deep breath

Music:This is a silent meditation. If you would like to play music during this meditation, play Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo by Nirinjan Kaur.

Time: 11 minutes

End: Keep the posture, inhale deep and hold. Exhale and relax.

Good luck with your 40 day practice and do your best to keep up! Yogi Bhajan also requested that we keep a journal during our 40 day practice. After 40 days, you can send your journal with a letter to Yogi Bhajan at this address: 

Yogi Bhajan
  P.O. Box 351149
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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