Monday, February 10, 2014

Community Event: Guru Ram Das Chanting

Guru Ram Das Chanting
Date: Every Friday 
Time: 7 pm
Location: 2325 N 9th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Every Friday night, come join our community members, Soul Singh and Meher Kaur in the Guru Ram Das chanting.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate and be part of a beautiful community! 

The Guru Ram Das mantra is a mantra of humility, relaxation, self-healing, and emotional relief. 
Soul Singh and Meher Kaur have been hosting the Guru Ram Das chanting every Friday night for the past 18 years! In her own words, Meher Kaur told us how this tradition started 18 years ago:
It was the Saturday night after Summer Solstice ended. My husband Soul Singh and I had been inspired on hearing that the Herndon ashram was having Guru Ram Das chanting every night. We decided that we would begin to host chanting every Friday night from then on.
I went off to KWTC and Soul Singh went back to Phoenix and started a tradition that has continued unbroken for 18 years.
Over the years we have had such wonderful musicians as Bibi Bhani Kaur, Snatam Kaur, Guru Ganesha Singh, Vickram Singh, Sangeet Kaur, Sat Kartar Kaur, Dev Suroop Kaur and many others.
Our community has counted on the chanting for celebrations, praying for those in need, and experiencing the coziness of community.
We are always being thanked for hosting the chanting, but it has brought more blessings to us, and our home than we ever could have imagined, all those years ago.

Meher Kaur

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