Friday, May 31, 2013

Attend Sadhana and Raise Funds for New Yoga Center

Rise for Daily Sadhana, Raise Your Vibration!
New YOGA CENTER, Dharmic Training Center!

Daily Sadhana Schedule for Ashram
2302 N. 9th St, Phx  (NE Door, Knock Loudly if Locked)

Monday - Saturday: 3:40-6:15am Sadhana Morning Yogic Practices
Sundays, sleep in a bit! 4:30-6:40am Sadhana. Periodic live sadhana

Attend Sadhana, sign a 3HO AZ clipboard list and new center fund will receive $10 donation for every one of your visits between NOW & Summer Solstice, June 21”!
Applies to new attendees, not regular sadhana attendees.
Anonymous Donors are Offering an OPEN Invitation & Blank Check. Come fill the room!     JUST SHOW UP!
Sadhana is FREE and Open to All, Anyone Can Come!!!
Do What you Can, Fake it Until You can Make it.
Keep UP and be Kept UP!
Need to SLEEP-OVER?  There are numerous options! More Info on Sleep-overs:  Soul Singh or Jaap Kaur

(Follow this link to read Haritej's article on morning sadhana. Get inspired and come join us for sadhana! Begin your day with victory, peace, courage and grace!)

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