Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Give Your Chidren The Gift of Kundalini Yoga


     Sometimes the world just seems like a scary place. We are constantly bombarded by news report on shootings, wars, and natural disaster, and sometimes it is hard to keep this information from affecting our children. In addition to that, our children also experience stress from school, tests, friends, and even at home! What can we adults do to help our children to understand that the world isn’t a dark and scary place?  

     You teach them that there’s still light, goodness and hope in this world, they just have to look inside themselves.  Teach your kids to reach inside themselves to find the light and calmness that is the answer to the chaos in the world. Teach them how to breathe properly to reduce stress. Teach them how to meditate to remain steady in a world that’s constantly changing at an insanely fast pace. Let your children do Kundalini Yoga. 

     There are so many good reasons why you should let your kids do Kundalini Yoga:

-    Kundalini Yoga can help a child to build strength and stamina.

-    Kundalini Yoga increases one’s flexibility.

-    Kundalini Yoga teaches them how to handle stress the natural way (through breath, yogic exercises and meditation) instead of relying on food, toys, video games…etc to feel better.

-    Kundalini Yoga can build a child's confidence.

-    Kundalini Yoga can enhance brain function and improves memory.

-    And most of all, Kundalini Yoga teaches kids to be the light that is inside themselves and SHINE! 

     Children are the hope for the future. Dear parents, please help your children to be the light, give them the gift of Kundalini Yoga! 

(To read more about the benefits of Kundalini Yoga please follow this link)  

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