Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recap: Kids Yoga Festival

Last Saturday, May 18, 2013, Yoga Phoenix hosted a Kids Yoga Festival. There were many enthusiastic participants. We were thrilled to see so many kids and their parents having fun together at the festival!

We started the event with Beanie Baby Breathing Exercise, Beanie Baby Warm Ups, and Yoga Adventure. The teacher was Kewal Kaur who teaches Kids Yoga here at Yoga Phoenix every Saturday morning. Kewal Kaur has many years of experience with teaching kids yoga. Her gentle and kind demeanor always puts kids at ease which helps kids to learn and have a great time in class. 

After the first yoga session, kids and parents had the opportunity to hangout on our covered patio while enjoying some healthy snacks. Kids also took the time to check out our craft booths and made some fun items like flower pen, little wax sculpture, yarn pom-pom, and portable meditation rock garden. 

Then we moved on to more fun yoga activities! This time Jaap Kaur, also a very experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher, led the kids with activities like Yoga Countryside Bicycle Tour, Train Tunnel and Roller Coaster Ride. At the end of the session, Jaap Kaur played the gong for the little yogis and parents. 

The rest of the festival was filled with more fun and activities. Many parents were surprised to see how different Kundalini Yoga is, but at the same time were pleased to see how our teachers engaged the kids with interesting exercises and activities. 

Thank you so much dear parents and kids for attending our Kids Yoga Festival! It was our pleasure to be able to share the amazing experience and benefits of Kundalini Yoga with you all! We hope to see you all here again at Yoga Phoenix!

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