Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Morning Sadhana

by Soul Singh 


Morning sadhana is made up of three of the most potent elements in the planet - the early morning hours, kundalini yoga and chanting, and lastly, group consciousness.  Let's take them one by one.


The early morning hours, 3 - 6am, are different from any other time of the day. You don't need to exert yourself to enter into spiritual territory. You already there! The potency of those hours spiritually   are many, many times that of the rest of the day. Yogi Bhajan talks about the angle of the earth to the sun. That's beyond my pay grade. All I know is that of all the magnificent teachings that  he has brought to us, morning sadhana, for me has been the best.
2 Kundalini Yoga and Chanting
Kundalini yoga you're already sold on. So, let's move on to the last feature.
3 Group Consciousness!
The Aquarian Era is the Age of Group Consciousness. In the Piscean Era you could go up into the mountains(the yogis), go down to the river(Sidhartha) and truly be so alone with yourself that you could liberate yourself. That is not the blueprint for this Era. 
When we come together in the early morning hours, we do a few things simultaneously. One, is we multiply the effect of our practice. Yogi Bhajan used to say that when  three people are meditating together, it is not 1 plus 1 plus 1. It  is 3x - three times the power! The other aspect is a thing of consciousness. In group practice, we have to merge with the group energy. That is a great lesson for the first thing of your day - Be part of the  group magnetic field, with all its challenges and with all its benefits.
If have you any questions or concerns about morning sadhana, please give me a call 602 253-2584. We'd love to have you a part of this unique institution that Yogi Bhajan created for the benefit of humanity. 
Soul Singh

You can join our daily sadhana at: 

2302 N. 9th St, Phoenix AZ 85006

Monday - Saturday: 3:40-6:15am
Sundays, sleep in a bit! 4:30-6:40am 

It is free and takes place everyday throughout the whole year! 

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